Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Design Plan: Research Synthesis


Topic: Is technology positively or negatively affecting the everyday lives of people?

Purpose Statement: Technological advances have had a huge impact in recent years. This huge impact can affect the lives of people in either positive or negative ways.  I am going to create three subtopics on this topic. These subtopics will be: technology use in the classroom, workplace and the usage of social media.

Audience: Anyone of any gender, race or age. People of all ages are using technology.

Context: What could be negative about technology? What is positive affects of technology?


Ethos- The ethos that best's supports my purpose would for people to see my sources used throughout the paper and the works cited page. This shows credibility because I referenced certain authors and with the works cited page, people can look up the articles and books I used within my essay to make sure they are reliable sources.

Logos- The arrangement of the paper will go in the order in which the thesis statement is set up. Each paragraph will open with a few sentences about the topic and then the sources will be added within the paragraph as needed.

Pathos- I would like to create pathos by trying to relate to people's lives. Most people have been through school and work and has dabbled with the latests social medias. My essay is about how technology affects people's everyday lives and I feel that they would be able to relate to the topics I have chosen.

I am using 4 scholarly articles and 2 books for my sources.

I will talk about technology and how it has advanced as a whole and then break it down into how it can be negative or positive on a person's life. My thesis statement will break down my topic into 3 subtopics; school, work, and social media. My body paragraphs will start with some background information about each of the topics and then sources will be brought in as needed. The conclusion will sum up the essay as a whole and end with how technology will always be advancing and as people living along side it, they need to advance with it.

I will have my roommate or a friend read over my essay and look for grammatical errors and to see if my body paragraphs explain each topic clearly.