Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Work, Career, Vocation

The meaning of work to me is to complete multiple tasks for someone of a higher power. The result of doing these tasks, is making money. When I think of the word work, I think of the job I have on campus or my previous job I had in high school. I also think about the jobs of my parents and what they do when they go to work. Although my dad does go to work, he isn't working for a higher power. He himself is the boss.

The meaning of career to me is something that you do in your everyday life. A career could be a calling in life, or what you are meant to do when you are older. When I think of the word career, I think about my college work and how it will get me to the job I want to pursue when I am older. A career can be something someone is passionate about. Career is a more powerful word than work. Work can just be something that a high school student does to make extra money. However, a career is when someone has decided what they want to do everyday until the day they retire.

The meaning of vocation to me kind of goes along with the meaning of career. Vocation goes along with a persons calling in life or what purpose they serve in this life. When I think of the word vocation, I think about what my purpose is in life and what I am meant to do when I finish college. Am I going to become the physical therapist that I want to be now or am I going to have a different calling in life. I feel that a person won't know what their calling in life will be until they become older or when they get through some of college.