Thursday, February 19, 2015

Poster Analysis
Crazy Stupid Love

By looking at the movie poster for Crazy Stupid Love, I can tell that this movie was made recently. I came to this conclusion because the poster includes actors and actresses that are popular right now. I can also see that the pictures on the poster are really clear meaning that the movie was made recently because technology has allowed for pictures to look almost real. The genre being publicized in this movie poster is a comedy. I made this judgement because the actors that are in the movie are usually in comedies. I also made this judgement because the picture on the movie poster is funny. I feel that the designers for the poster chose the colors they did because they kind of represent what the movie is about. The colors are light, meaning the movie can be a funny but warm hearted. When I first look at the movie poster I see the white title. The designers bolded the word love; I think they did this because it shows what the movie is about. They chose the background to be funny so that the word love doesn't scare a person off because they think it will be a sappy movie. Overall, the poster grabs my attention because it shows that the movie is about love but is also going to be funny. I think the designers did a good job or portraying that.

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