Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rhetorical Analysis 
Design Plan
Purpose Statement:
The purpose of this essay is to analyze four posters by looking at the different components of each poster and figuring out why each component was picked. I chose to do Alice in Wonderland for my analysis. The movie can be looked at as whimsical and resembles Disney World. By using these posters, I want to analyze how the posters look whimsical and the differences from the older poster versions to the newer poster versions. I also want to compare the Disney version of the posters, which are the older posters, to Tim Burton version of the posters.
I feel that my audience could be of any age, gender or race. Anyone can see this movie. The posters may attract more of a younger audience because of the colors and the way the posters look.
This communication could take place at any time or any place. There is usually never a wrong time to talk about movie posters.

Ethos- The ethos that best’s supports my purpose would be for people to see the posters I had picked out. It shows credibility and that I know what I am talking about. These posters have been seen by many people before and because of that, it shows credibility.
Pathos- I would like to create pathos by picking out posters that have a lot of color and posters that people know about. I feel that posters that have a lot of color will spark interest in people and make them want to look at the posters. Picking out movie posters that are familiar with people may make them happy and make them think about the last time they saw that particular movie.
Logos- The arrangement of the posters will be in chronological order. The posters will start off from the oldest poster version to the newest poster version. I will talk about the same things for each of the posters and then talk about the posters as a whole.

I am using movie posters.

In my poster analysis I will first talk about the posters individually and then all the posters as a whole. When analyzing each individual poster, I will talk about the colors and font size and try to depict why each of the posters look the way they do and why I think the designers of these posters made the choices they made. The posters that I chose don’t have text, but I feel that they don’t need to text. The posters themselves are so detailed and interesting to look at, that just by looking at them, people would want to see the movie.
After putting everything together, I will show my roommate or a friend. After showing her, she can talk about the things she sees in the poster and then I can compare her answers to mine. 

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