Thursday, February 12, 2015

Design Plan

Purpose Statement:
I want to show people the components of what makes me successful. I want to raise questions on whether or not people think of the same things I do that makes them successful or if not, what things make them successful. My photographs will be of parts of my life that has made me successful. Such as, school, church, sports, my high school graduation and family. I hope that by seeing the things that make me successful, people will start to think about what makes them successful. The worst possible outcome would be that people wouldn’t reflect on what they see in my photo essay. Overall, I want people to reflect on my photo essay and think about the things in their lives that make them successful. 
I feel that my audience could be of any age, gender or race. Anyone can reflect on what makes him or her successful. College students can really relate to this because college is a big step in life and getting there makes a person successful. College students can reflect on how they go to where they are now.
This communication could take place at any time or any place. There is never a bad time to talk about what things in life made a person successful. This communication could possibly be found on posters or a website.
Ethos- The ethos that best’s supports my purpose would be for people to see the pictures of my childhood. It shows credibility and that I know what I am talking about. The photos will show everything in my life that has made me successful and that has gotten me to where I am now.
Pathos- I would like to create pathos by taking photos of my childhood. I feel that these photos will spark some type of emotion in someone because the photos relate to things in my life that I cherish. The photos will be outlined in black so it catches a person’s attention.  
Logos- The arrangement of the photos will be in chronological order. The pictures will start out early in my life and gradually get up to my high school graduation. The photos will be arranged close together so everything can be looked at, at once. Captions will be used to further explain each of the pictures.
I am using photographs for my photo essay.

In my photo essay I will be setting it up as a progression through my life. The photos will be in chronological order starting from when I was in kindergarten to when I graduated high school. Each slide will have captions to further explain the pictures.

After putting everything together, I will show my roommate. After showing her, she can give me some feedback if everything makes sense and help me if I need any improvement or if I have any mistakes.

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