Thursday, January 22, 2015

What Does Writing & Design Have To Do With Good Communication?

The relationship between writing and design has a lot to do with good communication. In todays world, technology has become extremely popular. Most everyone is using it. Using design while writing is a good way to communicate. Since everyone is using technology, design is a big part of their lives. Reading papers is not as fun as you would think. Adding design to these papers helps grab a persons attention. When people see that design is involved, they can tell that the writer is a good communicator. They can tell that the writer is using design as a good way to appeal to people. In that sense, the relationship between writing and design shows that the writer is a good communicator. The generation of kids that grew up with technology are used to writing with design. This relationship also shows room for opportunities and creativity.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What I Think About Blogs?

I have never really given any thought about blogs. I have only heard about them through television shows and movies. To me a blog is where a person can write about anything they want. It allows a person to speak their mind. I think a blog could be useful because, as I said before it allows a person to say anything that is on their minds. I feel that blogs can be therapeutic. Instead of talking to someone about things going on in their lives, people can blog about it. It is also cool that people can respond to a persons blog. Getting feedback could help a lot. I don't think that a "blog" or a "blogger" signifies a specific type of person. I feel that anyone can blog. Blogging can be looked at differently from person to person. A blog could be useful for me because I can write about anything I want. Instead of being told what to write about, I can type about whatever is on my mind that day. It would be a good place to "vent". To me a blog would be very therapeutic.